The Do's & Don'ts of LinkedIn

Introducing the unofficial guide to LinkedIn by The Circle for those who want to be more confident using LinkedIn for themselves to build a digital professional network:

The Do’s

Refine and populate your profile
Have a professional portrait image
Add a banner that reflects your profession
Build a digital network organically
Be informative, a thought leader in your industry
Use bullet points and icons in your post
Take a strategic B2B approach
Tag and link contacts
Use hashtags (no more than 5)
Post regularly, frequency is key


The Don’ts

✖ Have a profile with no image
✖ Have an unprofessional portraits image
✖ Be forceful or take a hard sell approach
✖ Copy what you post on other channels
✖ Pay for advertising, it’s expensive and lacks ROI.
✖ Post video or share posts
✖ Make the copy too long
✖ Be afraid to have an opinion
✖ Post with poor grammar and typos
✖ Post less than 3 times a week



To learn more about finessing your digital profile and the important of owning the digital space in your industry, enquire into membership of The Circle – our luxury business networking club aimed to blend together both physical and digital working.

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