The Digital Era: Luxury Business Networking Clubs

Pre-pandemic, the vast majority of business networking was done face to face via industry events, lunches and networking clubs. During the pandemic, the world remained connected via digital channels and events. However, there was a sense that the luxury industry was unprepared for the digital networking world – poor profile photos, weak digital content, and lack of understanding around digital streaming.

There are those who have perfect digital profiles, are productively working from home, networking via zoom and generally have comfortably embraced the new norm.

Then there are others who thrive on human connection and doing business face-to-face over the traditional ‘long lunch’, that were caught short in lockdown, owning underwhelming digital profiles and having little idea on how to successfully market themselves in the blended digital space.

As we enter a new era of remote working, physical meetings, Zoom calls and after-work drinks, we decided we needed a new way to connect, that combined both physical and digital networking.

With such, The Circle is back and has been reinvented to combine these two environments – to create a networking club that brings back face-to-face networking in a small, friendly, boutique manner, whilst also providing tools for our members to finesse their digital profiles, helping them look elegant in the digital space.

We provide entrepreneurs, directors and private clients with access to a group of like-minded, dynamic individuals. Membership is curated with a carefully thought out selection process, led by the founder of LMH, Jemma Lester and luxury industry specialist Alex Field.

Not only do members have the opportunity to attend seasonal lunches, “field trips” and activate co-marketing initiatives, but we provide the tools and expertise to maximise online presence and digital profiles.

It’s time for a new type of networking club, one that works in both the physical and digital worlds.

If you work in the luxury industry, can pop the occasional lunch on expenses, and can make business decisions then we’d like to hear from you as a potential member of The Circle – a business networking club, that will ensure you remain connected and stand out from the crowd, both physically and digitally.

If you are keen for a fun lunch at the very least, please send your LinkedIn profile to and we’ll take a look. The club’s not for everyone, we are boutique and semi-selective, but we are open and welcoming and will let you know if you can join the party!

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