This Earth Day, we celebrate luxury that transcends fleeting trends. We turn our focus towards the inspiring efforts of our clients who are championing sustainability within the luxury landscape.  The industry, once often seen as resource-intensive, is undergoing a dynamic shift. 

A growing number of luxury consumers – 73%, according to a recent Bain & Company report –  are actively seeking out brands that prioritise environmental and social responsibility.  By embracing sustainable practices, luxury brands aren’t just safeguarding the planet, they’re ensuring a future where exquisite craftsmanship endures.

Nick Leith-Smith Architecture & Design

Nick Leith Smith Architecture & Design

Architecture and sustainability might seem like a distant cousin, but Nick Leith-Smith is bridging the gap. For years, they’ve championed eco-conscious design, prioritising materials and technology that minimise environmental impact.

Their approach goes beyond aesthetics, prioritising cutting-edge materials and technologies that minimise environmental impact. Their focus on reducing energy, waste, and carbon footprint makes them a leader in sustainable architecture.

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London & Avalon

Committed to sustainability from the very beginning, London & Avalon creates high-quality bed and bath linens designed to be treasured for generations. Their dedication to eco-friendly practices has been recognised by Positive Luxury, earning them the prestigious Butterfly Mark certification – a symbol of their commitment to the highest social and environmental standards. 

But for London and Avalon, sustainability is a continuous journey.  Their next focus is minimising their water footprint throughout the entire production process, demonstrating their dedication to constant improvement.

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OSKIA Skincare

Oskia Skincare

OSKIA, a renowned brand in the beauty industry for its innovative, science-driven skincare, has been long committed to sustainability. Their dedication is evident in their use of sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging. But their commitment goes beyond packaging.

Driven by a constant desire to minimise their environmental impact, they’ve implemented a recycling program in collaboration with HANDLE. This partnership allows them to collect used and empty beauty packaging, finding the best path to reintroduce the materials back into the economy. 

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Cocoon Mode de vie

Cocoon Mode de vie offers international health, wellness & lifestyle management. They elevate everyday management beyond convenience, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability in every aspect.

Cocoon exclusively collaborates with world-renowned luxury hotels, restaurants and wellness brands celebrated for their local environmental initiatives. This allows the clients to travel and unwind with the peace of mind that comes from minimising their environmental footprint.

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Aja Botanicals

Aja Botanicals is a newly formed wellness brand that has sustainability on its mind. Their beautiful glass diffuser bottles are hand-blown in Turkey and instead of discarding these after use, Aja Botanicals encourages refilling them, minimising waste.

Their candle refills arrive in packaging made from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, offering another sustainable touch. Furthermore, Aja Botanicals produces all the products in small batches ensuring there is no overconsumption.

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